What is ALHem?

ALHem (Alternativa za bezbednije hemikalije – Safer Chemicals Alternative) is a civil society organization (CSO) based in Belgrade, Serbia. ALHem promotes sustainable development, with a focus on chemicals safety management. The organization was founded in 2013 by experienced professionals in the field of chemicals management.

What does ALHem do?

ALHem is focused on:

  • Spreading knowledge and influencing the behavior of industry and businesses that produce and/or sell chemicals (or products that contain chemicals) and other actors that are responsible for the safe management of chemicals.
  • Providing information to the public about hazardous chemicals and how to prevent and/or reduce the risks they pose.
  • Influencing state authorities to adopt and implement appropriate policies related to chemicals management.

To protect people’s lives and health ALHem takes action to:

  • Educate and inform representatives of industry and government, health and safety professionals, media and the general public about safer use of chemicals in everyday life.
  • Distribute information about chemicals that should be replaced and how to do so, as well as encouraging and providing professional assistance to replace chemicals as soon and as safely is possible.
  • Inform chemicals distributors about safer alternative chemicals/products.
  • Promote the implementation of laws that are in accordance with EU polices aimed at reducing risks from hazardous chemicals.
  • Support consumer protection associations and other CSOs in order to prevent hazardous chemicals/products being used and/or sold publicly.
  • Assist consumers to choose safe chemicals/products.
  • Monitor the regulation of the market and provide education based on the results.

ALHem uses scientifically proven information about potential risks, replacement, secure management and monitoring of chemicals use in line globally principles and standards set out in the UN’s Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM).

ALHem is a member of:

  • European environmental Bureau (EEB – www.eeb.org)
  • IPEN (www.ipen.org)
  • The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL – www.env-health.org)
  • Coalition 27 – a national network of CSOs in Serbia that monitors progress toward the implementation of the EU acquis.